We are SMART : Specific, Measurable, Acceptable, Realist and Temporally defined

We are diligent, independent and rigorous in the analysis of investments in all development projects

Our methods and offering investment solutions have a positive impact on environment and society

Our aim is the progress, paradigm and structural changes to ensure the continuity of actions

About amadosa

Who we are?

amadosa is an independent consulting firm, we aim to improve public and environmental services in emerging countries. We advise our clients on investment opportunities for the development of public services and the implementation of reforms, with a focus on climate change and services for vulnerable and precarious populations. Our expertise consists in identifying and optimizing the environmental, financial, economic and social costs and benefits associated with the design and implementation of environmental and public infrastructure projects.

Sustainable development is at the heart of our approach. We strive to provide pragmatic solutions that respect the environment and meet the needs of local populations, while taking into account the social and economic adequacy of the services provided locally.

Our company selects and works with reliable and efficient experts who have proven know-how in project management in contexts where technical expertise must be combined with specific sociological and economic environments. Our expertise is always rooted in local realities.

Our Major Skills

  • Project cycle management
  • Organisational analysis
  • Institutional analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Social and environmental analysis
  • Political economy

Our Expertise

Water & Sanitation

Increase and improve access to water supply and sanitation services applying a wide set of methodological tools such as 'Maturity Grid'.


Technical assisstance to extend energy access, maintaining durability.

Climate change

We provide engineering and advisory services in the context of global warming and climate change problematics.


We organize and manage household and business surveys for a wide catégories of studies & consultancies.


Our expertise in analysis covers multiple thematics: Finance, Political economics, Environmental, Social and Organizational.

Project Cycle

We support our clients during the entire project cycle: Project identification, development, financing, execution, monitoring and audit.

Contact us

Call: +33 4 13 39 87 76
Monday-Friday (9am-5pm)

Email: contact@amadosa.com
Web: www.amadosa.com

Location: 92 Impasse des Romarins

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